About Us | Payroll Service Canberra

From humble beginnings...

Payroll Canberra is a brand for Paysorted Pty Ltd.  We are a specialist payroll service provider for IT contractors mainly in Canberra and other states within Australia. 

Our directors are IT consultants have been working within IT sector for many years. This journey commenced in 2016,  Soon as we started our payroll service, our colleagues and friends approached us and asked if they could join the family too. Now we provide hassle-free payroll services to anyone in Canberra, New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria looking for an affordable and reliable service.

A century of experience

Collectively, our Directors have worked for many years in the ICT industry, most of these within Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane. We work here, we live here, our families and homes are here and we stake our reputations on being a professional and reputable local company who knows Canberra and does right by our clients.

Trusted and connected partners

Our connections and knowledge across ICT, recruitment, consulting and contracting markets provide greater intangible benefits for our network and our low fee’s reflect our business strategy – to grow sustainably through building a strong reputation as an honest, trusted and reliable company.